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    Welcome to Gismotics and the GooL Gallery!

    This is the Gismotics GooL Gallery site where you can find the latest and greatest GooL creations. GooL is a multimedia computer program for personal and business use with applications in entertainment, education and internet advertising. Look in the GooL Gallery for Computer Art works, Comics and other Miscellaneous examples of GooL programs.

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    Send the latest Leonardo's Joke to your friends and colleagues.

    And its completely free! Just click here.

    The Gallery is free of charge!

    The downloads in the Gallery are free of charge and can be distributed without restriction for non-commercial use.

    So feel free to browse and download the GooL examples, send them to friends and colleagues and experience just some of the potentials of GooL.

    About GooL

    GooL is a computer program which allows the creation of Windows Multimedia/Graphics programs of the kind shown in the GooL Gallery.

    As you will see GooL can produce graphical presentations based on both photographs or hand-drawn graphics. A GooL progam can range from simple graphics to more complex applications including animation, sound, user interaction and, particularly important, control of the program elements.

    In the future we will add a Developer's section to the site. If you are artistically inclined or otherwise inspired feel free to get in touch with us directly via the e-mail contact address for more information about GooL.

    GooL Applications

    If you are interested in Internet Business or Marketing please look in the "Business Services" section to see where GooL can be applied to enhance web content or provide advertising media for internet advertising.

    About Gismotics

    Currently Gismotics are presenting GooL via the GooL Gallery to show the potential of what is a new and effective method for producing computer graphics to create art works both personal and commercial.

    Gismotics takes its inspiration from a mixture of Art, Literature, the Internet and other features of the "Digital Age" so we have added links on the site to promote these ideas and give access to some of the sources.

    We will be continually adding new "Exhibits" to our Gallery so please come back and visit us again!

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    Sign up with Gismotics and receive updates about GooL and Gismotics! We keep you informed of all GooL news. For example, we will let you know when a new GooL program is available here on the www.gismotics.com website or new facilities are added to the site.